The Marlboro State Psychiatric Hospital was an abandoned site, often visited by urbex and ghost hunters. The hospital was demolished in 2015.

The abandoned Marlboro State Mental Hospital was frequently visited by urbex and ghost hunters. Nonetheless, it was a state-run facility for the mentally handicapped for many years. Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital opened its doors in 1931 and was operated by the State of New Jersey for over 70 years. It housed around 800 patients of various ages between its cottages and edifice.

The hospital exclusively served adults and adolescents by 1978. Several patients died while at the hospital, necessitating the establishment of a cemetery on college grounds for unclaimed dead; 924 designated graves are still accessible for public viewing. The Marlboro State Mental Hospital was dismantled, with the entire project finished in early 2015.

Patients at Marlboro Mental Hospital have gone missing, frozen to death, strangled to death, perished from food poisoning, and died from untreated diseases over its turbulent history. Patients at Marlboro Mental Hospital suffered from food poisoning in the 1970s, resulting in several fatalities. Investigations in the 1980s and 1990s revealed widespread patient abuse, a large portion of which was responsible for some of the patients’ deaths. Considering the history and mystery surrounding Marlboro Mental Hospital, we took spectacular photographs before the place was dismantled.

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