170-Year-Old Abandoned Crypt.

Highly developed in the U.K. throughout the Romanesque and Gothic periods, crypts are built partially or entirely below ground level to contain coffins, remains and religious relics. They have also been found in such areas as North Africa, Italy, Spain or Finland.

The Mount, located in Kirkton in southern Scotland. Built around 1850, the building is now abandoned and listed as at risk due to the age and condition of the building.
A small private chapel with an apse and crypt, the gothic building is elegantly decorated with a studded door, pointed windows, and moldings. Inspected in 2008, experts found that it had lain neglected for some time. Since the roof was partially caved in due to a tree falling and the vegetation has grown around the building.
The abandoned resting place is reported to have been built for the Johnstone family of Carnsalloch. But today, the once grand structure is left abandoned

Urban exploring can be dangerous and should only be undertaken when permissions are adequately granted.
NOTE: Some viewers may find the following video disturbing, Viewer discretion is advised.

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