Inside pilot’s creepy mansion frozen in time

A gorgeous Southern mansion has been left like a time capsule after its Air Force owner crashed his plane in its back yard – YouTuber Carter Banks took a look inside

Mother nature has made every attempt to reclaim this once-decadent mansion. But don’t be fooled by its ivy-covered pillars and the dense overgrowth.

Once you step through the front door, it’s as if the home has been frozen in time – and is still waiting for its owners to come home. Alas, that day shall never come. One brave explorer, YouTuber Carter Banks, went inside the abandoned mansion to take a look inside the real-life time capsule.

A US Air Force pilot proudly owned the five-bed property, nestled in a nondescript region in the Southern US. Even on his days off, the aviation enthusiast couldn’t leave the cockpit entirely. He’d marvel down at his grand estate up in the clouds from his own private light aircraft.
One day, as he set out to fly, his mother asked if she could watch him take off. Little did she know these were the last words she’d ever say to her son.

As the experienced pilot lifted off from his grounds and went airborne, he lost control of his plane and crashed into the trees behind. His despairing mother watched on as her son lost his life.

In a bid to keep some part of her son alive, she moved into the mansion with her husband before, they too, both passed away. Ever since, the house remains dormant, filled with ornate furniture, spooky pictures of little kids and even an Annabelle doll. Let’s take a look inside.

Eerie portraits

Living area


Master bedroom

Pilot’s mother

Note:All Images are from BigBankz

To see more about Pilot’s Mansion see video here:

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